2004 Found bitnpixel GmbH
Daniel Corbellini, Raphael Schenker, Daniel Vuilleumier own a company.
Follow us through the years by swiping screens.
Nope, show work
2005 Hardturmstr. 171
Thank you, SAM! Thank you Media Trend Journal & Stiftung PWG!
Build some websites with CMS based on PHP4 and PHP5.
2007 Apple iPhone
RIP, Nokia! Classic websites on your palm? No! 960px
12-grid layout doesn't do the job anymore.
2009 Hardturmstr. 175
Thank you, PSP! Specialize on custom made websites.
Paris calling: Symfony PHP conference.
2010 Apple iPad
Notebooks were yesterday. Birth of Responsive Design.
2012 Mobile First
Check out a new JS-Framework each month.
Decision for Rails 4 and jQuery. Javascript and Python gain popularity.
2013 Own Rack-Servers
Thank you, MetaNet! Proxmox, Zimbra, Synology, pfSense.
2016: Decision to leave hosting to AWS and Google.
2014 Shit happens
Thank you, Rapahel & Philipp, you saved the year!
2016 Still on Ruby
Thank you, scout-model! Thank you, WBAG!
Build websites with Contao and Rails 5. Legacy server.
2017 Limmatquai 62
Thank you, SchmauderUnd, FMH AG and SBB AG!
Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Stripe. Upgrade to Rails 6.
2018 Functional Programming
Warsaw calling: Elixir conference, Phoenix web-framework looking good.
2019 PaaS
Thank you, Ledergerber.mode! Thank you Vögele Kultur Zentrum!
Play with Go, Elixir and Svelte.
2020 Corona strikes
Thank you, Martin Thoma! Home office, video conferencing.
Offer some VPN and cloud solutions!
2021 Headless wins
Build with VueJS. Do more consulting and support.
Look out for job opportunities!
2022 Good bye
It was a wild journey with many learnings (some by heart).
Leave bitnpixel for good, DEPT® is calling!